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Press Release April 27, 2010

New product announcement from Cleland Instruments Ltd.

Cleland Base Drum Cleland Instruments has begun production of carbon fibre bass and tenor drums to add to the Cleland Instrument product offering. The current product line now includes a snare drum, a bass drum and tenor drums.

Terry Cleland says, "We have responded to interest and requests from bands across North America and Europe. The full compliment of snare, bass and tenors is what bands wanted. The drums are not only distinctive in appearance, they have a richer, fuller sound than other drums.

The bass and tenor drums were played at the Toronto Indoor Games and the feedback was nothing short of enthusiastic. We are encouraged by the orders. We acknowledge that our drum is a considerable investment. It's important to realize that carbon fibre extends the life of your drum appreciatively and the sound quality is in another league. A Cleland drum is a sound investment - pardon the pun.

The all-carbon bass and all-carbon tenor drums feature carbon tension hoops and all mid-section drums share the same effective head-tensioning system. The carbon hoops are the first of their kind in the drum market. They have a unique stiffness that enables a more even load distribution on the crimp hoop of the head and therefore more even tension on the head.

The carbon shell gives a clean, clear tone that blends with the other instruments in the band, but at the same time cuts through, so that the individual voices can be distinctly heard. The tenors and bass shell shares much of the moulding technology developed for the snare. For the musician, this translates into ease of tuning and a cleaner sound.

Cleland drums provide a competitive advantage in the hands of the right drummer. They must be played to be believed.

Features :

  • Moulded bearing edge on the shell
  • All the mid-section products will now share a common head-tensioning system
  • Heads are individually tensioned to allow exact tuning of each head
  • The system incorporates carbon fiber hoops that work with standard bolts
  • The shell lugs are common with our snare drums for a uniform look
  • The all-carbon construction of the drum and tuning system also means imperviousness to weather conditions (no warping in the rain)
  • The all-carbon construction means less changes to the sound due to ambient conditions
  • And the Big Bonus is that the 16" X 28" bass weighs in at approx 11 pounds and the tenors weigh in at less than 10 pounds
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