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Press Release May 2014

Ballycoan Pipe Band at practice Ballycoan Pipe Band, a grade one band based in Northern Ireland, has taken delivery of a set of carbon fibre drums designed and produced by Cleland Instruments in Ontario, Canada. Cleland's snare, bass and tenor drums have debuted across North America to rave reviews. Ballycoan Pipe Band is the first band in Ireland to adopt the Cleland drums.

The Cleland bass and tenor drums have carbon hoops that are the first of their kind in the drum market - worldwide.

The all-carbon bass and tenor drums share the same carbon hoop tensioning system. These stiffer hoops create a more even drum head tension. For the musician, this translates into ease of tuning and a cleaner sound. They have a unique stiffness that enables a more even load distribution on the crimp hoop of the head and therefore more even tension on the head. The weight reduction attained by using these advanced materials is significant enough to extend playing careers.

"The Cleland Instruments carbon fibre drums are designed to be played by masterful drummers. We are delighted to have our drums played by this first rate pipe band under the leadership of Drum Sergeant Brendan Megoran and Pipe Major Richard McGrath."

Terry Cleland, Inventor

The Ballycoan Pipe Band will be competing at the UK Championships on Saturday June 14, 2014 in Belfast - with new Cleland drums in hand.

"Cleland drums produce a bright, distinctive snare sound, which blends and enhances the overall sound of our band. The bass and tenors in particular, offer a superb resonating tone, which makes the three corps melt together."

Richard McGrath, Pipe Major, Ballycoan pipe band

"These drums have really enhanced the ensemble of our band; the snare sound is so dynamic and rich, but the bass drum and tenors really do add a new dimension! These instruments are so rich in sound. The bass drum can be best described as sounding like a big vibrant bass guitar, really a joy to be playing in the band, the pipers love it! The tonal qualities and colours produced by the tenors also adds brilliantly to the key changes and note variations on the chanter."

Drum Sergeant Brendan Megoran

Ballycoan Pipe Band, Ireland

About the Inventor:
Terry Cleland is one of the longest-serving members in the Canadian military, setting a record in the music community as the longest-serving pipe major in the history of the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). Cleland combines his love of music with his knowledge and experience of composite materials gained from racing cars. The Cleland series of drums is the combination of real world experience and advanced engineering.

About the Band:
The birth of Ballycoan Pipe Band dates back to aftermath of the Second World War. In 1935, Pipe Major William Evans and Pipe Sergeant Willie John Gregory of Coronation Pipe Band decided to start a pipe band in the village of Ballycoan on the outskirts of Belfast. "Ballycoan Jubilee Pipe Band" was launched, the "Jubilee" being added as it was the Silver Jubilee of King George V that year.

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