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About Terry Cleland

Terry Cleland In piping circles Terry is known as Pipe Major MWO Terry Cleland. He is a qualified PPBSO Judge, accomplished musician, Aerobatic Pilot, Indianapolis Car Chief Mechanic, and an inventor.

Terry started piping at 8 years of age. He became a prize-winning solo player through all grades and in open contests. Terry started playing with 400 Squadron Pipe Band in 1967 and went on to join the Air Reserve in 1971. In 1978, Terry was appointed Pipe Major and under his direction the band competed in all grades, including grade one. They continue to capture championship after championship.

Given Terry's years of experience with Pipe Bands, he was well positioned to understand the weight and tuning challenges of a marching drummer. Pipe bands combined with car racing provided Terry with a unique vantage point on material usage and design. Terry was responsible for the"floating shell" snare drum technology which is in wide use today.

An inventor personally links the ingredients of the world around them to new possibilities; this occurs as naturally as breathing. Terry's portfolio is presently at 20 plus patents. The next generation of Cleland Drum technology is the culmination of these years of accumulated knowledge of structures and materials and how to use them. There is no end in sight for new Cleland Drum models using the most sophisticated materials and technologies.

Terry Cleland

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