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Cleland InstrumentsClick here for a Press Release - April 2010.

From the creator of the first floating barrel parade drum comes the next generation. This is the most technologically advanced version of the world's oldest instrument!

Light years ahead of the now popular floating barrel design, this revolutionary instrument is 20% lighter than any of its competitors.

Built from space-age materials, it has been engineered for the truest sound quality ever with three perfect by-products; light weight, strength and enhanced volume.

Inside (Yes, Inside!) the new patented snare mechanism is revolutionary. It has been totally re-engineered for optimum performance and durability.

Features Of The New Snare Drum:
  1. Light weight (approximately 14 pounds).
  2. Superior stick action and general overall feel due to carbon fibre shell.
  3. External adjusting snares with hand knobs for both upper and lower snares.
  4. New unique superior snare mechanisms.
  5. Universal carrier mount fits both Kilpatrick and standard carrier.
  6. Any selection of top and bottom heads will fit.
  7. Most off the shelf snares will fit.
  8. Support feet on the lower hoop to protect drum from terrain when sitting on the ground and the feet are soft material that will not mark most surfaces.

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